Who we are

We are VolkerWessels Telecom. We design, build, manage and maintain telecommunication infrastructure that enables multiple and complex communication flows. Thanks to our integrated approach and the fact that we offer end-to-end solutions, we provide a complete service for the market and contribute to innovation throughout the entire chain. We are cost-conscious, transparent and flexible. Together with our customers, we work to achieve the best result, for now and for the future. Safety and quality always come first.


The network is the basis

VolkerWessels Telecom believes that the transition to the digital society is not possible without stable, reliable and safe infrastructure. After all, the foundation, the network, is what everything runs on and what makes total digital connectivity possible. In this digital society, everything centres around the customer. And we are seeing the boundary between the business and consumer markets disappear. In any event, customers are critical, because there is a lot of choice. Customers decide for themselves how they want to be served and what they want to pay for that service. This entails a great responsibility for all the players in the telecommunication market.