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Expert in networks

On-demand television. Working from home on your company’s network. Video-calling with family or colleagues on the other side of the world. Every day we rely on a dependable and ever-faster connection to work and live. The networks on which these connections run are developed by VolkerWessels Telecom. From replacing copper main connections between cities with fibre optic connections to fibre optic connections in homes and businesses. We also have the expertise and experience to maintain, upgrade or renovate copper connections and community antenna networks. We work for the business market, telecoms companies and the government.

Optimal communication

Planning, installing, testing or activating connections: nothing is too much for us. VolkerWessels Telecom takes care of all the work that needs to be done to build a network. Our speciality: communicating with all stakeholders such as landowners, utility companies and local residents. We minimise inconvenience and ensure that everyone involved knows what to expect. We always work safely, using the latest methods. From the office to the trench we dig, we can see the status of our work at any time and make adjustments where necessary.