Total connectivity. With this goal in mind, VolkerWessels Telecom wants to make life not only easier and more pleasant, but also more sustainable.


Urban Challenges

Connectivity is indispensable in tackling five key urban challenges in the coming years: energy, waste, mobility, safety and health. Think of solutions such as smart grids, driverless cars and sensors in waste containers and infrastructure. By achieving total connectivity, our activities contribute indirectly to a better quality of life, more sustainability and CO2 reduction.

Roadmap Sustainability

Sustainability at VolkerWessels Telecom

As part of VolkerWessels, we’re building a sustainable, social world. We work hard to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our operations. We strive for reduced, more sustainable and more efficient energy consumption in order to further cut our CO2 emissions. For example, all our offices and project sites are powered by wind energy and more and more of our colleagues are driving electric or hybrid cars. We try to avoid waste as much as possible by using raw materials sparingly, reusing materials as much as possible, and separating and recycling them differently. Where possible, we prefer to use circular design strategies.

VolkerWessels Telecom is certified at level four of the CO2 Performance Ladder of the Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO).