Contract to locate underground infra TenneT awarded to MapXact

MapXact will be one of the contractors to locate the underground infrastructure for high-voltage network operator TenneT. A multi-annual framework contract has been concluded for this purpose. MapXact will make every effort to achieve TenneT’s objectives.

MapXact Tennet2.jpg

Objective of TenneT

The aim of this project is to precisely chart the location data of cables and pipes on TenneT’s sites. As a network operator, TenneT is obliged under the WIBON (Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act) to have a picture of all (underground) cables and pipes and pass this information on to the KLIC cable and pipeline information centre. Moreover, in this way MapXact contributes to making information available to be able to work efficiently and safely.

TenneT assets in 3D

In order to get the best possible picture of the site, MapXact will use ground-penetrating radar technology as well as 3D laser scans and photography of the topsoil during this project. MapXact will use its in-house developed ground-penetrating radar for this purpose. This ground-penetrating radar has already been extensively tested and is productive at locations including Gasunie, Alliander and Stedin. TenneT’s locations are now being added. Towards an underground and above-ground 3D image of the Netherlands!