Eurofiber links fibre optic networks across Rotterdam into one high-quality digital infrastructure

Eurofiber Nederland will start this month with the construction of a large-scale, fine-meshed fibre optic network between all the offices of the Municipality of Rotterdam. VolkerWessels Telecom is involved in this large-scale project as a contractor. This project will see all existing fibre optic networks of the Municipality of Rotterdam optimised and linked to the Eurofiber network, creating a single high-quality fibre optic network for the municipality. This will make the municipality’s smart city ambitions easier to achieve, enable the municipality to achieve considerable savings and ensure existing infrastructure is used optimally.

Eurofiber 2.jpg
Eurofiber 2.jpg

Dark fibre optic connections

Under the agreement, Eurofiber will provide the Municipality of Rotterdam with approximately 300 managed ‘dark fibre’ fibre optic connections for a period of eight years. ‘Dark fibre’ refers to fibre optics to which no active equipment is connected. The new fibre optic network will make optimal use of the existing digital infrastructure in Rotterdam. Wherever possible, municipal fibre optic networks, including Glazen Maas, will be reused, keeping investments in new connections to a minimum.

Smart city Rotterdam

Rotterdam is preparing the city for the future, and the development of smart city applications plays an important role in this. Smart city solutions are essentially about applying smart technology to urban challenges. Innovations such as sensor technology, resilience, mobility solutions, 5G and big data should make the city and its residents smarter, more sustainable and more efficient.

Communication, data, information, knowledge and sharing it play an important role in this. In order to be able to do this, a high-quality digital infrastructure is required. As such, the open and smart digital fibre optic infrastructure that Eurofiber will provide the municipality with is an important basis for Rotterdam’s innovations.