Eurofiber signs long-term contracts with contractors

Eurofiber Nederland has signed contracts with BAM Infra Nederland, Siers, VolkerWessels Telecom and NKM Network Services for the installation of fibre optic connections. The agreements have been entered into for a term of five years.


Strategic partnerships

In order to guarantee the quality and continuity of the services provided to its customers, Eurofiber and its partners have opted for long-term agreements and optimisation of the collaboration. Van der Vlist: “We’re saying goodbye to the traditional client-supplier relationship. The new collaboration agreements are strategic partnerships under which we have further optimised the responsibilities in the supply chain and under which the control of the supply process is now, to a large extent, in the hands of the contractors. There’s a good balance of responsibilities, with each partner doing what they do best. We’re convinced that this enables us to raise the quality of service to our customers one step higher.”

VolkerWessels Telecom about the future

Wido van de Mast, VolkerWessels Telecom CEO: “Given that control is now largely in the hands of the partners, we can manage the chain even smarter and faster. As a partner of Eurofiber, we’re continuing to build a smart society together. By combining our knowledge and strengths, we’re able to serve the market even better and build a reliable network that can be rolled out quickly.”

BAM Infra about the agreement

Jeroen Wijnen, Director of BAM Infra Telecom: “BAM Infra Nederland greatly appreciates long-term cooperation with its clients. In recent years, we’ve worked very closely with Eurofiber, harmonising working methods and processes and, more importantly, investing together in the collaboration. The long-term nature and continuation of this contract mean that we’ll continue to work together and invest in joint successes. Openness and trust have been very important factors in reaching this contract. The new contract is a good guarantee of turnover and employment, and for the use of our expertise and motivated colleagues to secure the business of Eurofiber Nederland today and tomorrow.”

NKM about the agreement

Russell Crye, Commercial Director of NKM Network Services: “In recent years, NKM has been able to contribute to the further expansion of Eurofiber’s network and to piggyback on Eurofiber’s success. Eurofiber has been an important NKM client for many years. By focusing on delivery reliability and quality, Eurofiber manages to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Eurofiber offers the partners every opportunity to provide them with input to strengthen the entire chain. NKM is pleased to be one of the four partners to gain Eurofiber’s trust over the next five years to take more responsibility in the entire process.”


Siers about the agreement

Peter Telgenkamp, Commercial Director of Siers: “We’re proud that Eurofiber has chosen Siers. It’s a modern and balanced agreement based on partnership and trust in each other’s expertise. Eurofiber is truly at the forefront of a trend in this respect. We look forward to a great partnership and many satisfied Eurofiber customers.”