Strategic partnership between Joulz and VolkerWessels Telecom for STN2020

Energy network operator Stedin is having a new telecommunications network built under the name STN2020. The current Stedin Telecom Network, which is a mix of copper, fibre optic and wireless connections, connects all locations to the central operating centre in Rotterdam and will be replaced. Utilities company Joulz acts as a system integrator for this major innovation, for which they seek to collaborate with carefully selected subcontractors. On 21 December 2016, Joulz concluded a strategic agreement with VolkerWessels Telecom and with Eurofiber for the supply of large parts of a fibre optic network.

Front, from left to right: Wido van de Mast (General Director VWT), Anja Vijselaar (General Director Joulz) and Alex Goldblum (CEO Eurofiber). Back, from left to right: Ben Klaasman (Regional Director VWT), Auke Huisman and Enne van der Bijl (STN2020)

Delivery reliability with modern network

The telecommunications network needs to be overhauled because of the energy transition, This transition has led to an increase in the number of energy generators, which generate two-way traffic and a lot of activity, and this calls for a more intelligent electricity grid (smart grid). The control of that electricity network is essential for the delivery reliability of electricity. This in turn requires a modern, reliable and proprietary telecommunications network, over which Stedin’s data traffic can pass safely.

Complex planning

Stedin has opted for the construction of a completely new fibre optic network. The fibre optic cables connect the large electricity stations in Stedin’s entire catchment area. VolkerWessels Telecom is contributing to the expansion and modernisation of the network. It will ultimately connect over 300 locations, which are among Stedin’s most critical junctions. The scope and complexity of this renewal is critical. It’s more than replacing copper by fibre optics and reducing the number of technologies in that network. The stations remain in operation during the work, which calls for cooperation and complex planning.