Case study: VolkerWessels Telecom Lays Foundation for Smart Buildings

Indoor connectivity is now part of VolkerWessels Telecom's service offering, as we partnered with Infradata and Juniper Networks to deliver an innovative managed network service designed to simplify enterprise connectivity.

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Business Challenge

Smart buildings are at the heart of sustainability, and the new managed network service allows VolkerWessels Telecom to speed the creation of smarter homes, businesses, and stores. Juniper networking, powered by Mist AI, provides exceptional user experiences and simplifies network operations through automation. Infradata provides complete network planning, design, and ongoing operation support to support VolkerWessels Telecom managed services customers.

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“The whole world is talking about IoT right now. It’s exactly the right moment to work together with Juniper and Infradata on smart buildings that deliver on our total connectivity mission.”

Arjen Bakker, Manager Business Development, VolkerWessels Telecom