VolkerWessels Telecom starts replacing KNMI measuring mast guys

VolkerWessels Telecom today started to replace the guys of the measuring mast in Cabauw. We are performing the work on behalf of the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the KNMI. It is a precise job, where disruptions to the long-term meteorological measurements should be kept to a minimum. Little or no nuisance is expected for local residents.


Sniffer Mast

KNMI's measuring mast, also known as the Sniffer Mast or Sniffer Pole, has been standing outside since 1973. Internationally, the mast is known for its high-precision tracking of the longest-running meteorological measurements, atmospheric processes and greenhouse gas concentrations. The twelve cables, weighing two tonnes each, have reached the end of their life. During the replacement of the guys, the contractors must carefully specify which operations are carried out at any given time, allowing scientists to calculate and correct any deviations in their measurements.